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Hi all!

Pwork is an Italian company producing mats for our hobby and for role playing games. I already have some of their products and I’m more than happy with them, so when I’ve seen mousepad mats being released soon I could not miss them!
I’ve had a couple of emails with the gentlemen from Pwork and they’ve kindly accepted to answer a few questions!

So if you want to know more about these players/entrepreneurs, here it is!

* * * * *

– Who is Pwork Paper Wargames?
Pwork was founded in 2014 in Milan (Italy), by the Italian graphic designer Paolo Bertoncini, a wargames and RPGs lover. Then Alessandro Picollo joined the company and a collaboration with some wargame professionals started: Pwork grew up and its business increase month after month.

– Define Pwork with 3 words only.
“NEVER STOP PLAYING” (our motto)

– Could you introduce yourself to the French community?
I’m a forty (I’m till convinced I’m thirty!) expert and skillful Dungeon Master and a great lover of wargames: Wh40k in particular, that I play since the third edition. I tried also a lot of other wargames and RPGs, as Warhammer, Gothic, Confrontation, Cyberpunk, D&D, Girsa, Gurps, Simulacri and others less known, but not less exciting.
In this world (as in the comics one) France It’s a step ahead: I invested entire salaries in awesome miniatures and RPGs unknown in Italy in all my French journeys. The Facebook French community of Tabletop Gamers is active and passionate, I followed It for long time, as the English, Spanish and German ones.

– When and why did you start Pwork?
Pwork comes from a simple idea: providing high-quality mats and stuff for wargames, boardgames and RPGs, new solutions studied to be cool, practical and cheap at the same time.
The Pwork project has started from this point: I realized players, me too, haven’t a mat on which play their battles. Each of us had to play on a kitchen table cloth or on a lunch table, or even on the floor. We could play on gaming mats with scenic elements and painted and crafted surfaces only in clubs or stores: at home this was too difficult to recreate, because of space and time.
Pwork comes from this idea: having a great gaming mat, directly at your home.

– How long does it usually take to create a new mat?
It depends on the starting idea and on the subject we have to realize: It could take a few days or some weeks. Unlike other gaming mats producers, we prepare our graphics by ourselves: in this way we’re able to make a custom mat for customers with particular needs or requests.
In example, the Wargame Mat Lands of Mars was created from the idea and the demand of a French guy. The production is rigorously made in Italy, the maximum time to produce a mat is 10 working days.

– Do you produce them locally?
We always produce our gaming mats in Italy. Only exception, the new Mouspead Mats, that are produced abroad.

– You already have partnerships with Italian retailers, are you looking for other business opportunities?
As I said, Pwork is young company: we have some retailers here in Italy, but we are planning to expand our network both on our national territory and abroad. So I take this opportunity to tell to all retailers, Italians or not, that could be interested in our products to contact us ;-)
Contact Pwork

– You sell PVC mats, printable material (mats, terrains, tiles sets, RPG map and grids) and mousepad mats will soon be available. Could you let us know if you’re planning on adding more items to your online store soon?
If we could realize all the ideas and projects we have in mind, the Pwork website would have an infinite list of products…
Actually there are several new solutions ready to be updated: without revealing too much, I tell you only 3 words: physical scenic elements.
(I’ve been a little long to translate the interview, so by the time I’m posting this the new terrains are actually available on Pwork website).

– Why should we buy your wargame mats instead of the ones from other brands?
I think our products have a great graphic appeal and a high-quality printed image. We are the only gaming mat producer able to realize a graphic layout in complete autonomy or custom products for any customers.
Our availability for customers is complete: we know the players needs, being players ourselves.

– Which product are you the most proud of, and why?
There are a lot of products that make us proud… If I have to choose one, I think It’ll be the Wargame Mat City Ruins: first of its kind, It’s a classic and a bestseller for years, many and many players love it, despite It’s on sale for some time.


– Do you have any secrets to share about the right way to stock and maintain wargames mats?
First of all store them in the cardboard tube or in the box in which they were delivered: about PVC mats, roll them with the painted surface outward, so the mat will lay perfectly at the playing time.
About mousepad mats, roll them with the backing surface outward, to protect the graphic surface from damage (to lay mousepad mats simply unroll them, they will lay by theirselves without any problem).
About cloth mats, store them carefully like a t-shirt: they are made in synthetic cloth, so they need the same “maintenance” that you clothes need!

– If you could change one thing to wargaming in general with a magical wand, what would it be?
As a player, I always don’t like who play only for win, making powerful army lists (each time with a different army, possibly the most powerful army in the game at that moment), forcing the wargame background and loosing the real game soul.
But you know, winning is always great…

– What is your best memory as a company?
We are pleased when our customers are satisfied and when they are pleasantly surprised about Pwork products. I remember when some of our gaming mats were required for an international tournament (DBM Tournament 2014): looking our mats in action was so cool and we were so happy…
We realized our work helped to improve the wargames experience.

– What would you like to say to the French wargaming community?
I hope the French community could known us day by day and appreciate the passion we put in all our projects. We’d like to involve French players much more, and receive from them suggestions, ideas and opinions about our work and our products: don’t be shy and never stop playing!


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